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Business Notices

Business Notices

Timber Flooring by Timber Floors Sydney

Thursday 29th July 2010, 4:54PM

Timber Floors Pty Ltd have established long standing relationships with mills and suppliers Australia wide who give us direct and often times exclusive supply thus guaranteeing we use only the very best timber available in our floors.

Timber Floors Pty Ltd has a serious commitment to source from suppliers that follow sustainable Forest Management and re-growth programs to help protect the environment in which out timber is grown. Therefore you too can show your commitment to helping improve and encourage conservation by choosing Australian Hardwoods for your floor over an imported product.

When choosing a timber floor don't choose your floor by name (species) alone you need to personally see the timber you are buying as not all timbers of a specific species are exactly alike in colour, grain, quality, maturity and milling. Call us and we will tell you why....

Our Showroom & Warehouse has a wide range of Hardwoods on display we don't claim to have the largest showroom or the biggest range of timbers because not every pretty timber will make a good floor, we are selective in the species we choose as longevity and performance are critical to ensuring a good timber floor.

Within our showroom and warehouse you can see the different timbers in their raw state and also as the finished product would appear when sanded and polished. We can discuss with you the various finishes that are available and demonstrate the affect that your choice will have on the final look of your timber floor. Also in keeping with our longevity in the business we have displays of species at various points of aging.

An indication of some of the species we stock are:-


Brush Box

Forest Reds

Grey Gum

Red Iron Bark


Southern Blue Gum

Spotted Gum

Sydney Blue Gum

Tasmanian Oak


availability of species varies from time to time..